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The First Isadora Duncan International Symposium a Success


Thanks to all the truly wonderful, talented, profound, and amazing dancers, teachers, choreographers, and scholars who attended and presented this past week at The George Washington University, the first ever Isadora Duncan International Symposium was a complete success.

More than 26 sessions, including workshops, master classes, panel discussions, presentations, group conversations, choreographic showings and more, with more than 25 presenters and 50 attendees from around the world, demonstrated the incredible depth and vitality of the Duncan art form for not only the field of dance, but for the world as well. Applications to somatics, dance therapy and healing, choreography, technique, historical research, individual expression, and community-building were evident through the work presented over the three days.

And this is just the beginning!

Our next symposium will be held in 2015. We are searching for a potential host for the next symposium…contact us if you would like to work with us to organize the next event.

In the meantime, we hope the conversation started here in DC will continue, that new collaborations will emerge, outreach and exchange with other communities will be initiated, and that new explorations in choreography, performance and teaching will be undertaken.

Be on the watch for our follow up contact lists, list servs, publications of symposium proceedings, photos, project initiations, and more.

And thank you again to everyone who made this event such an incredible success.

All our best,
Cynthia, Ingrid, Jennifer, Meg and Valerie
IDIS Organizing Committee

4 thoughts on “The First Isadora Duncan International Symposium a Success

  1. Yes, I agree, I can’t thank Valerie, Cynthia, Ingrid and the whole organizing commitee enough for the highly successful worldwide event they organized, and presented in a highly professional,manner. The diversification of scholars, dancers, artists, teachers, and students represented by the US as well as different countries from around the world, made it truly on a global scale. I was fascinated by the amount of new and unique information revealed on the great art of the dance of Isadora. Ii was so stimulating intellectually, and truly enriching to the human spirit. I was so happy to see friends from the past, and to make new friends who all share in a common interest. I felt like I was part of a universal family perpetuating the flame that Isadora had started many years ago. I look forward to presenting more information in the future. Love to all, Pamela de Fina

  2. I grew up talking to Isadora’s spirit on the penthouse roof she danced on. I lived in her penthouse in Venice Beach CA Thornton Towers is still there expanding the soul of art that is the universal dance of life itself: MUSIC! I love to free form dance and even have old picture of my dad years before i was born hugging a venus or aphrodite statue in SF

  3. Lets link all the wonderful pictures taken by Yi-Hsin Lin to this site for the world to see!

    • If you use photos from the IDIS June 2013 event, we ask that you give 1) credit to Yi-Hsin Lin as photographer, 2) credit to the presenter giving the workshop/presentation from which the photograph was taken (as appropriate), 3) credit to the Isadora Duncan International Symposium archives for permission to post the photo.

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