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Announcing the Isadora Duncan Archive

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Isadora Duncan Archive at www.isadoraduncanarchive.org – a new digital repository of in-depth and comprehensive information on Isadora Duncan and the legacy of her art of dance. The Isadora Duncan Archive includes resources on Isadora Duncan dances (Repertory), written materials (References), other repositories of artwork and historical artifacts (Collections), and the lineage of dancers (Dancer Directory).

The Archive is open to contributions from Duncan dancers, scholars, teachers, performers and historians. Contact info@isadoraduncanarchive.org with any contributions to the Archive.

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Proposals Have Been Accepted – Schedule Is on Its Way!

Dear Isadora Duncan Practitioners,

We were beyond delighted at the variety, depth and quantity of workshop, master class, discussion, lecture and choreographic showing proposals we received for this year’s upcoming symposium to be held June 11-13, at Joffrey Tower in Chicago, IL, USA.

All acceptances have been issued, and confirmations are rolling in. Here’s just a partial list of some of the exciting session topics:

Alice Bloch: Duncan’s Choreography as the Wellspring of her Technique (Workshop with Lori Belilove, Adrienne Ramm, Mary Sano, Andrea Seidel, Pamela de Fina and Catherine Gallant)

Frederick Curry: Rediscovering Duncan with PreK-12 Educators (Panel)

Mary Jean Cowell: The Influence of Isadora Duncan on Michio Ito (workshop)

Loretta Thomas: Discovering Duncan Technique (class)

Adrienne Ramm: Invoking the Mythological Archetype from Within (Workshop)

Linda Rapuano: Drenched in Beauty: The Numinous World Behind Duncan Dance (Workshop)

Patricia Adams: Art of Performing Duncan (Workshop)

Laura Pravitz: Isadora’s Morningstar

And many, many more….we’ll be posting the full schedule by the end of March, after we’ve received all presenter confirmations.

Meanwhile, have you registered yet? If not, do so today! We have already received many registrations, and space is limited. We encourage you to secure your participation at this historic gathering as soon as possible. We will be dancing on the exact spot on earth where Isadora was “discovered” dancing at the Masonic Temple in 1895! And make your hotel reservations as soon as you can as well, using the recommendations on our Accommodation┬ápage.

We look forward to dancing and learning and sharing with all of you at the 2015 Isadora Duncan International Symposium at Joffrey Tower, Chicago, IL, USA, from June 11-13.

All our best,

IDIS Steering & Host Committees