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Project Committees

The Isadora Duncan International Symposium is delighted to facilitate the development of several project committees within the larger Isadora Duncan Dance community. As of February 2014, these project committees include:

Isadora Duncan Archive Committee

Chair: Valerie Durham
Committee Members: Catherine Gallant, Mary Ruth Hammond, Barbara Kane, Yi-Hsin Lin, Janaea Rose Lyn, Pattee Russell Curry, Mary Sano, Vicky Sloat
Contact: info@duncansymposium.com Please put “Isadora Duncan Archive” in the subject line

Stated Objective: To create a digital archive of the historical, philosophical, stylistic and choreographic legacy of modern dance pioneer, Isadora Duncan, and subsequent generations of Duncan practitioners. The Isadora Duncan Archive is intended to encourage the collaborative sharing of content in a fully protected and credited format. We envision that many dancers, researchers, scholars and artists will greatly benefit from the ability to centrally access these materials; and that this effort will further Isadora’s stated intention that her work will be carried on and further developed by others.

Isadora Duncan Academic Conferences & Publications Committee

Committee Members: Alice Bloch, Meg Brooker, Monica Dale, Elyssa Dru Rosenberg, Andrea Mantell Seidel, Pattee Russell Curry
Contact: info@duncansymposium.com Please put “Isadora Duncan Conferences” in the subject line

Stated Objective: To present scholarly research and other informational and academic articles, papers and presentations at dance industry conferences (NDEO, Dance/USA, Dance Scholars, CORD, etc), as well as dance industry publications (Dance Magazine, Dance Research Magazine, Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher, etc) to facilitate Duncan Dance taking a more prominent presence in these outlets, and therefore in the larger dance industry.

Isadora Duncan Dance Outreach Committee

Chairs: Dawn Meadows and Elyssa Dru Rosenberg
Committee Members: Pattee Russell Curry, Monica Dale, Annica Davis, Rachel Neves, Morgana Rose, Andrea Mantell Seidel, Jennifer Sprowl
Contact: duncanoutreach@gmail.com

Stated Objective: To reach out to and dialogue with other groups and communities, to increase more diverse participation in Duncan Dance in terms of gender, ethnicity, cultural background, etc., and to make connections to other related dance and movement disciplines for partnerships and support.

Isadora Duncan Standards Committee

Chair: Beth Jucovy
Committee Members: Valerie Durham, Yi-Hsin Lin, Christy Cornell Pape, Kathleen Quinlan
Contact: dancevisions.ny@gmail.com

Stated Objective: To guide presentation of information about Isadora Duncan, Isadora Duncan Dance and  related art or wellness forms, and the presentation of Isadora Duncan Dance professionals on the internet for maximum clarity, credibility, ethics, reputation, consistency. To raise awareness and respect for Isadora Duncan and Isadora Duncan Dance through online outlets. To create a set of standards for ethical practices, crediting, video usage, training, terminology, and other related guidelines to maximize the professionalism and proliferation of Isadora Duncan Dance.

Isadora Duncan International Community Newsletter

Chair: Laura Pravitz
Committee Members: Barbara Kane, Christy Cornell Pape, Courtney Ramm, Julia Pond
Contact: info@duncansymposium.com Please put “Isadora Duncan Newsletter” in the subject line

Stated Objective: To serve as a forum for articles, notifications, ideas, and other information related to the dance and legacy of Isadora Duncan. Our goal is to serve as inspiration for creative thinking and insight for those involved with Isadora Duncan dance; to enhance links among Isadora Duncan Dancers; and to broaden interest beyond the Isadora Duncan Dance community.


Contact Information:

To get in touch with any of these project committees, please email the Isadora Duncan International Symposium at info@duncansymposium.com, with the name of the project committee in the subject line. Thank you!

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  1. Hi Ladies. I still seem not to be on the email list. I would appreciate your making sure I am on it ,

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