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2015 Schedule of Events

We are pleased to announce the Schedule of Events for the 2015 Isadora Duncan International Symposium. For more on these sessions and the presenters, see Session Descriptions and Presenter Biographies.

Thursday Black Box Studio I Studio II
9-10:30am Registration
10:30-11 Welcome Session
11-11:15 Break
11:15-12:45 SESSION I Alice Bloch: Duncan’s Choreography as the Wellspring of her Technique: Movement
(Panel with Lori Belilove, Pamela de Fina, Catherine Gallant, Beth Jucovy, Janaea Rose Lyn, Adrienne Ramm, Andrea Seidel)
Jennifer Sprowl: Priming and Tuning our Bodies for Longevity in Isadora’s Technique
Ann Cogley: Discovering the Gift of Simplicity in Duncan Dance
12:45-1:45 Lunch Break Catherine Gallant Video Showing Collaborative Open Space Project Committee
2-3:30 SESSION II Valerie Durham: Discovering Bridges
(Panel with Jennifer Sprowl, Maria Boscaino, Francesca Todesco, Ann Cogley

Beth Jucovy, Loretta Thomas)
Dicki Johnson Macy: Solitude and Affiliation: Essential Isadora for Resiliency Building and Trauma Recovery
Francine Gartner: Contribution of Francois Malkovsky to Free Dance as a Precursor of Modern Dance
3:30-3:45 Break
3:45-5:15 SESSION III Frederick Curry: Rediscovering Duncan with PreK-12 Educators
Janaea Rose Lyn: Undertow: Isadora’s Waves of Movement and Meaning
Linda Rapuano: Drenched in Beauty: The Numinous World Behind Duncan Dance
5:15-6:15 Dinner Break Collaborative Open Space Project Committee
6:30-8:00 SESSION IV Elyssa Dru Rosenberg/Raleigh Veach: Moving Forward/looking Back
(Choreographic Showing and Discussion)
Beth Jucovy: Rediscovering Duncan; The Dance of Music, The Art of Simplicity
(Workshop/Master Class)
Thomas: The Duncan Student Perspective
(Roundtable Discussion)
9-10:30 SESSION V Marketing Duncan: Panel Discussion moderated by Marie Carstens (Participants:

Valerie Durham
Julia Pond
Catherine Gallant)
Andrea Seidel: Mind/Body/FUllness: The Cultivation of Luminosity and Radiance in ID Technique (Workshop/MC) Alice Bloch: Enhancing Somatic Awareness in Duncan dance (Workshop)
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-12:15  SESSION VI Meg Brooker: Dancing Woman: Perspectives on Gender
(Panel discussion with Andrea Seidel and Elyssa Dru Rosenberg)
Adrienne Ramm: invoking the Mythological Archetype from Within
Loretta Thomas: Discovering Duncan Technique
(Master Class)
12:15-1:30 Lunch Break Andrea Seidel Video Showing Collaborative Open Space Project Committee
1:30-3 SESSION VII Lori Belilove: Teaching Duncan to Young Children
Patricia Adams: Art of Performing Duncan
30 Minute Presentations: Maria Boscaino: Duncan + Ballet, Yves Gnonogou: Rhythm, and Fabienne Courmant: Nature as the Inspiration for Dance
(30 min sessions)
3-3:15 Break
3:15-4:45 SESSION VIII Duncan Futures: A Conversation for the Duncan Community of Practitioners
(Moderated Roundtable Discussion)
Rina Rinkewich: Discovering Duncan and the Creative Process
4:45-6 Dinner Break Collaborative Open Space Project Committee
6-7:30 SESSION IX Catherine Gallant: Discovering Choreography Through Improvisation
(Workshop and Choreographic Showing)
Fatima Suarez: Natural Experience, Christy Cornell-Pape: Delsarte,
(45 min sessions)
9-10:30 SESSION X Meg Brooker: Discovering Duncan: Encountering Noyes
Julia Pond: Artistry through Improvisation
Dicki Johnson-Macy: Elemental Beginnings: Water Dances and Chopin’s Preludes: A Children’s Curriculum
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-12:15 SESSION XI Lori Belilove: Somatic Practices and the Art of Isadora Duncan
Janaea Rose Lyn: Freeing the Authentic Self: Isadora Duncan as Liberator
Laura Pravitz: Isadora’s Morningstar
12:15-12:30 Break
12:30-2 Closing Session

2 thoughts on “2015 Schedule of Events

  1. Looks so inviting and exciting. Congratulations! My only regret is that i can’t be there.

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